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At a Career Crossroads? Look Back Before You Can Look Forward

When you’re at a career crossroads, it can be difficult to imagine how you got there. Of course, logically, you know that you made specific education and employment choices throughout your life and these choices have led you down the path upon which you find yourself. Hindsight, as the old adage dictates, is 20/20. Take advantage of your perfected perspective to walk down memory lane and delve into a not-so-distant past. In order to move forward with your career, it is beneficial to revisit the reasons you decided to enter into this profession in the first place.

Every individual has his or her own set of motivations for entering the legal industry. When a large cohort of lawyers were asked why they became lawyers, there is no one size fits all explanation. However, despite their diversity, some common threads emerged. If you are at a crossroads in your career, read over the following list. It may just remind you of the steps you took to arrive at where you are today, as well as, inspire you to take the necessary steps forward in a new direction.

The Top Fifteen Reasons Lawyers Cite for Becoming Lawyers

1. To Continue a Family Legacy, or Begin a Family Legacy

2. The Potential for A Lucrative Career

3. The Unique Opportunity to Help People and Social Justice

4. The Great Breadth and Flexibility for Vertical and Lateral Movements in the Industry

5. To Obtain Valuable and Transferable Skills

6. The Fame (and Prestige of the Profession)

7. “I didn’t get into Med School”

8. The Wide Variety of Practice Areas

9. The Chance to Work in a Team or Independently

10. The Power to Make Local and Global Change

11. A Professional Work Environment with Bright and Talented Peers

12. Intellectually Challenging and Stimulating

13. The Prospect of Combining Technical Skills with Social Grace

14. The Impression of Job Security

15. A Strong Sense of Justice and Ethics

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