Louise Woollcombe remembers once meeting a job candidate at 6 a.m.

Even though the workday technically only began at 9, the candidate was typically in the office by 7, and Woollcombe said, “they didn’t feel it was appropriate to meet during business hours.” So an early-morning meeting was the best option.

“In a perfect world, every aspect of your [job] search would be done outside of business hours. Realistically, that doesn’t always happen,” said Woollcombe, a senior consultant with The Heller Group, which specializes in the recruitment and placement of lawyers.

“If it’s something that can’t be helped…don’t feel guilty, but make sure you get your job done,” she said, about the difficulties lawyers have in finding a job, when they still have a job.

With their schedules packed with meetings and hearings, and long and sometimes erratic work hours, lawyers face several challenges when it comes to searching for a new job or career opportunity.

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