Organizations and Firms

At The Heller Group, we recognize that each client is unique and requires personalized service that will meet their individual needs. We take the time to understand your organization, its people and its culture.  You’ll learn more about our approach by reading our creed.

Our experience and expertise in the legal field enable us to fully understand your requirements and identify the ideal candidates for your organization. Through our integrated recruitment process, involving database selection, networking, direct search and advertising, we are able to target the best possible candidates and streamline the recruitment process. Ongoing communication with both the client and candidate is an essential component of our practice.

We are committed to our clients and value your time. We enable you to focus on your business while benefiting from our recruitment and placement expertise. Our business is not driven by volume, and you will only receive the profiles of the select candidates that best fit your requirements – both professionally and personally. Our commitment extends beyond the successful placement of a candidate as we remain in close contact with the client and provide ongoing advice and support. We look forward to working with you.