Preparing to enter into the job market is undoubtedly a stressful undertaking. There are the obvious and central tasks to complete: update your resume, write firm specific cover letters, collect any other relevant documentation, and dry clean your interview suit. These are unarguably the most important steps in preparation, but they are not the only steps towards a successful interviewing season. Like with any project, the devil is often in the details.

Here is a list of 10 (often overlooked) endeavours to complete and (subtle) pieces of advice to adhere to before you submit a single application:

1) Record a professional voice mail message.

2) Shine your shoes.

3) Stock up on good quality pens, a notepad that you will not be embarrassed to hold in front of your potential manager, and an equally non-embarrassing file folder or portfolio.

4) Make sure all of the contact information is accurate and up-to-date on your business cards.

5) Check out your outfit in a full-length mirror: both standing and sitting.

6) Pack hand sanitizer and hand moisturizer.

7) Google yourself. Clean up your virtual footprint.

8) Google your interviewers. You are likely closer than six-degrees of separation from most people in your industry.

9) Set two alarms on interview day, just in case.

10) Be prepared to talk about current events. In the preceding weeks and during the interview process, make a habit of reading or listening to the news.