An Inspiring Evening: The 12th Annual Young Women in Law Charity Gala

This October, The Heller Group was thrilled to again sponsor the Annual Young Women in Law Charity Gala which featured its much-anticipated keynote speaker, Lisa LaFlamme. The event brought together over three hundred members of our legal community to celebrate the experiences of being a woman in law and to support Canadian Woman for Women in Afghanistan.

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Taking Charge of Your Career: The Importance of Goal Setting

Have you found yourself thinking about your career direction and what the future might hold? Instead of letting these thoughts wander in and out of your mind, why not seize the opportunity to turn these musings into actionable goals? At a time when many of us feel we have lost control over aspects of our life, this is a great way to refocus on what you want and what you can do to get there.

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Mentoring and Retention

Candidates' reasons for moving positions are always varied and personal; however, when speaking to candidates about why they are interested in making a move, there is one reason that I hear raised time and time again: lack of mentorship.

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Fish Out of Water: Tips on How to Succeed as a Lateral Hire

It is a mistake to think that the hard work is done once you have signed your offer letter; this is actually just the beginning of the process of joining your new firm. Becoming a passive participant in the process after signing the offer letter can create problems and feelings of disappointment on both sides.

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Risk and Rain

While your personal level of risk tolerance should of course be a factor that gets weighed in any major decision, including a career change, I do think we should all remember that sometimes it takes a little risk to make it rain.

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Sponsorship is Key to Navigating the Path to Partnership

A common mistake is confusing your mentor with your sponsor. While a mentor is a key part of your professional team who will provide advice, guidance and maybe even get you on a few files, they will not be the one petitioning the partnership when it comes to your annual review and advancement decisions. That is the role of a sponsor.

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