This October, The Heller Group was thrilled to again sponsor the Annual Young Women in Law Charity Gala which featured its much-anticipated keynote speaker, Lisa LaFlamme. The event brought together over three hundred members of our legal community to celebrate the experiences of being a woman in law and to support Canadian Woman for Women in Afghanistan.

Attendees of the event were graced with the profound wisdom and insights of the keynote speaker, Lisa LaFlamme. Renowned for her achievements and contributions to the world of journalism, Lisa’s message was nothing short of powerful. With a captivating presence, she urged every young woman in the room to boldly ask for opportunities and not shy away from expressing their desires and ambitions. Lisa highlighted the significance of applying for roles, even in the face of self-doubt, emphasizing the mantra “Fake it ‘till you make it”. She underscored the crucial role of confidence in charting the trajectory of one’s career. And in a rallying call to those women in leadership, Lisa passionately advocated for the support and hiring of women, stressing that empowering women isn’t just an act of fairness, but a key ingredient to fostering diverse and successful workplaces. Her words were not just heard, they were felt, leaving a mark on everyone present.

Each year The Heller Group is incredibly proud to support this event and recognizes the importance of fostering connections between women in the legal industry. By supporting such initiatives, The Heller Group reaffirms its commitment to fostering growth, inclusivity and excellence in the legal community. YWL is a not-for-profit organization for women lawyers in their early stages of practice with goal of helping women lawyers connect with other lawyers, enhance their skills and give back to their community. YWL hosts a number of events, panels, and information sessions throughout the year and we highly recommend checking out their upcoming events on their website.