It’s not just the Winter Blues

In the dreary days of a Canadian fall and winter, even the most motivated of persons can begin to feel lethargic, tired, and a bit worn out. With the promise of a holiday break just around the corner, you may begin to feel a little less than enthused with your current position. Getting up to go to work may be just a little bit harder, and staying later may require just a little more internal persuasion than before. This shift in your attitude may be a little bit more than simply pathetic fallacy, the grey and gloomy weather mirroring your own sentiments. As the last days of warmth fade away, you may find yourself faced with a much colder reality: you’re not happy.

 Slow Down and Reflect on your Career

Year-end and New Year’s spurs many people to take an introspective and reflective look on how the year has unfolded. There will have likely been highlights and lowlights in all areas of your life. This time of year is a particularly excellent time to assess your work situation. As things slow down over the holidays, you will be provided with the luxury of time to mull a very important question over: Are you happy with your career?

Ask the Hard Questions

So this wintry season, while huddled up near a fireplace, with hot chocolate in hand, take time yourself to be honest about your goals and your progress. Are your aspirations realistic? Are you working towards them in a realistic way? Are you growing, learning, and developing your skills in your current position? Can another position better fulfill your vision for your career? With spring comes new opportunities and openings. When you’re ready, let us help you into a new season in your career.