Workday productivity – don’t forget about the end of the day

We talk a lot about beginnings, mornings and firsts. Equally important are endings, evenings, and lasts. Experts from Forbes and REIC, as well as media outlets such as MediaBistro and LinkedIn have weighed in on the daily routine that starts at 5:00 PM.

An end of workday routine is a kin to a bedtime routine. Both prepare you for the next workday ahead, increase your productivity, and provide you with the peace of mind that you haven’t left any (urgent) loose ends. At the end of your workday, today, do these simple 5 things that will make every tomorrow a little easier:

1. Take a look at your tasks and to-do list

What did you accomplish today? Taking a moment to assess your productivity each workday will keep you on task and on track. If there are few minute items on that list that can be completed quickly, get them done now. Your desk will be cleared off in the morning and you can start in on the big projects as soon as you arrive.

2. Talking about your desk…clean it

We realize that all of your filing may not be completed every single night, but leaving your desk organized, orderly and with enough visible desk space that you can get down to work in the morning will save you time in the long run and provide for a calmer and more zen environment generally. The same goes for your inbox, delete unnecessary messages and place new emails into their proper folders.

3. Check your calendar or schedule

Oh, that 7:45 AM breakfast you penciled in three weeks ago and completely forgot about? That’s right, that’s tomorrow, and you would have never known if you hadn’t checked your calendar before you headed home for the day. A quick glance at tomorrow’s items can save you many embarrassing moments and missed meetings.

4. Check-in and check-out

Whether it is with colleagues or your boss, ask or provide a status update to relevant team members. Once everyone is adequately informed, make the effort to say goodbye. It is a small gesture that speaks volumes about one’s character. Making people feel like they matter only takes a few minutes.

5. Reflect on the workday

We appreciate that you would like to zoom out of work to beat the traffic, but try to take just a solitary moment of introspection to reflect on the workday. This may elucidate for you something that you may have forgotten, a good memory with a colleague, or a mental note you made to yourself on how to improve for tomorrow. Create purpose and meaning to your workdays by remaining present, or at least checking in with yourself once a day.

 What does this mean for you and your workday

By following our easy end of workday routine you can check the stress at the elevator doors, feel confident that you are prepared for whatever tomorrow brings, and are able to go head out of the office a little happier than yesterday.