Job-hunting is hard, and a legal recruiter can help, but there are some tips that any young job hunter must remember. The fifth tip in the Globe and Mail’s “Nine tips for young job hunters” is “Don’t assume people will remember you.”

Be memorable

Of course, I’m sure you made a great first impression, and if you don’t know how to make a great first impression, get the how-to guide here. I’m also sure that you had engaging and witty conversations with various people at your latest networking event, and you exchanged business cards with contacts with the promise of a productive future. Your unique job experience or interesting travel anecdote may absolutely be memorable, but to assume that your new acquaintance remembers you a few days or week later can come off arrogant and confusing.

Remind them why you’re memorable

When following up with a networking contact, whether on the phone or through email, be sure to introduce yourself with some context. For example, consider mentioning how and when you met this person, the person who put you in contact with the recipient of your call, and a small detail of your encounter. The writers from the Successful Style suggest that whenever you are introducing yourself over the phone, be sure to smile – they indicate that this will make you sound friendlier and more welcoming.

Short and simple statements are always more memorable

Whether it’s a job interview or networking event, crafting a memorable encounter is a skill in and of itself. For more tips to make people remember your job interview, including the classic KISS method – keep it short and simple – check out this helpful blog post.