Lawyers Weekly Carrie Heller, president and founder of The Heller Group in Toronto, which specializes in recruiting partners and senior lawyers for major law firms, says small firms can be attractive, especially to junior lawyers, because they can give new recruits more experience. “In many smaller firms you’re going to gain more hands-on experience in client contact than you would in a larger firm, and with that hands-on experience goes greater responsibility.” It can often be easier for lawyers to build a client base at a smaller firm because they’ll be going after mid-market and smaller-type clients and can charge lower rates, says Heller. Often, when partners are looking to move, she says, they welcome the prospect of going to a smaller firm because they have companies they deal with that are trying to cut costs. Companies, especially those in the insurance field, are in a very competitive space and looking to save money on their legal bills, says Heller, so lawyers have a better chance of picking up business from those companies if they’re at a smaller firm that charges lower rates. Click here to view the entire article.