Are you a good employee under a bad boss? Find out the telltale signs of a movie-worthy bad boss.

A lot of our energy here at the Heller Group is focused on getting our clients into their coveted jobs – this is the essential role of legal recruiters. However, before the legal recruiting begins you should take stock of where you are and whether it is time to move on. One of the most important factors in determining whether to go or stay is the management team.

When assessing your options, or if you are the boss – the one in that enviable position of power, be sure to acutely aware of the following habits.

1. Criticism without the constructive character:

Feedback can be great, useful, encouraging and ensures that the same mistakes are avoided in the future. However, generic and general comments, without any constructive substance are a waste of everyone’s time. Even worse, a truly bad boss will dole out negative critiques, without suggesting a path of improvement only works to discourage and deflate your employee. As an alternative, learn to give constructive criticism in a positive way.

 2. The Micromanager:

The bad boss must control everything. Sounds like you? Micromanaging suggests a lack of confidence in the people you are working with. It is a frustrating and stressful experience for all of those involved. Check out tips here on how to handle and micromanaging boss.

3. All the glory and none of the grime:

The worst leaders are those who are all too willing to take all the credit on jobs well done, and are ready to run the other way when a project goes sideways. There is no quicker way to secure your bad boss status and to uninspire your team. A real leader looks a little more like this.