However, Carrie Heller, president of The Heller Group, a Toronto-based legal recruitment firm, says 2016 should shape up to be a good year for lawyers seeking work, as 2015 has been busy.

Areas that had been slow such as securities and corporate tax law picked up steam in 2015 after several quiet years as a result of an improving economy, which has translated into more corporate transactions and issues involving tax matters, says Heller.

Real estate law was also consistent in 2015 and will likely gain momentum next year, and intellectual property law and IT law will also be areas of interest going forward, she says.

Heller also expects to see continued growth of non-equity and counsel positions within law firms in 2016 because that allows partners to hire lawyers and have them progress within the firm without having to dilute the equity of existing partners.

“That has been around for the last few years but we will continue to see more of that in 2016.”

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