Recently, various news outlets have published and posted articles about how successful people orient their daily activities, such as the Financial Post and the Business Insider. These articles wax and wane about what the morning of an exceptionally successful person looks like. This recent surge of interest in the media has piqued my interest, and spurred the very important question: What can you do, whether you have already found success through your career, or are just starting out, to make your mornings more akin to the elusive “one percent”?

However, before you rearrange your entire schedule based on the routine of a New York CEO that you have never met, and know little about other than his 5 AM yoga practice, take a step back and assess your own life in minute (and minute) detail.

 If you don’t have time, make time.

I regularly hear the often-recited complaint, “I don’t have time.” It is easy to feel this way, when all of our lives are busy, we are constantly multitasking, and have various roles and responsibilities to juggle. Nevertheless, feeling pressed for time and actually being unable to find time in your day are two different concepts.

Dear Diary…

Keep a time diary. Track every minute you spend doing or (not doing) work. You may find that you are wasting much more time than you thought, and a few easy tweaks to your lifestyle can give you back those precious moments you are losing in the shuffle.