You never know who you may meet, so never cease to be impressive.

Turning it On: Impress on Command

When we talk about networking and job interviews, there is a concept of “turning it on” – think Clark Kent to Superman transformation. Many of you may be or may know of someone who is relatively reserved, goofy, quiet, or unfocused in their daily lives. But when the lights come down, the curtains come up, and it’s show time, they shine. All of sudden “Miss Meek and Meager” turns on her megawatt smile. “Mr. Sweet but Shy” has captivating stories and pithy one-liners to share with his enthralled audience. And it is impressive.

A Way of Being

It’s no secret that interviews, professional social events, conferences, and firm gatherings require you to turn it up and turn it on. It calls for you to be impressive, to wow your peers and more importantly those in more senior positions. It is great if you are one of those people who can at the flip of a switch go from Clark Kent to Superman, no back alley or telephone booth required. However, in today’s increasingly connected world, it is simply not enough to be impressive on command. This should not be an isolated incident reserved for particular events, but rather a lifestyle and a way of being.

“You Never Know” Principle

Years ago, during my personal job search, I was in between interviews. Interviewing is an exhausting process, and each one seemed to drain me physically and psychologically. Nevertheless, I was a firm believer in the “you never know” principle. On my trek through the city, briefcase and dreams in hand, I held the door open for a stranger at a coffee shop. This person turned around to thank me, and commented on the lack of general civility in Toronto and was impressed by mine. We made small talk in line, and I went on, coffee in the other hand, to review my resume once again. Later that day, I was formally introduced to this stranger, who happened to be one of the most senior lawyers at the large firm I was interviewing at.

How to be Impressive Everyday

The moral of the story: make every introduction memorable. Be impressive because you live every moment honestly. Genuineness and kindness can be as impressive as witty comebacks and catchy anecdotes, and if nothing else, it is memorable in the best way. Be (or less preferable, act) interested in the person you are speaking to, wherever or however you have connected with them, you may find out that he/she is exactly the person you were waiting to meet.

For more tips on how to be memorable and impressive, take a look at an article posted in the Savannah Morning News,  “Job Seeker, Are You Memorable?”.