If you attended law school in a common law jurisdiction, it wouldn’t have take long before you were introduced to the often-repeated story about the evolution of the common law. In the beginning, there were some steadfast principles. However, with time, the pressures of unsatisfied constituents, and the sheer diversity of reality; these principles changed and evolved at the hands of masterful and at times, comical judges.

The genius of the common law is its capacity to grow and adapt to meet the needs of changing times. The flexibility and evolutionary nature of the law is a quality that any lawyer facing a possible career change ought to consider adopting.

The Common Law Process:
1. When faced with the possibility of a career choice, revisit the professional decisions you have made thus far.
2. Next, look at your current fact pattern, your life, as you know it.
3. Since you are the judge of your own life, apply the old stand-by principles to your new reality.
4. If the old decision fits, then you’re fine exactly where you are. If it doesn’t, and you are displeased with the results, it’s time to considering move on and moving forward.

The law doesn’t remain static, and neither should you. Be open the idea of change and professional development in a different environment, when your current environment just isn’t working for you anymore. You are your own highest court, and are not bound by the decisions of the past. By keeping your best interests in mind, you are sure to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of changing times.