The Financial Post recently released a dramatically titled article “15 ways you could be slowly destroying your career” which is really about bad habits.

Big mistakes make you look bad instantly and reek of the promise of big bad results. You may be unceremoniously called into your supervisor’s office, or you may find yourself facing a swift and quick termination. However, those major flops and faux-pas are not the only dangers you must look for and avoid. Bad habits are as destructive to your career and can ultimately produce the same bad results.

Bad Habits start with your Smart Phone

Reflecting on the nuances of the workplace, one of the biggest changes in the workplace is that it’s hours and spatial scope have expanded. Smart phones and email ensures you are always on the clock. This is not ideal for work-life balance, or for optimal relaxation – nevertheless, it is a reality of your professional lifestyles.

Email Etiquette

There are two big rules about email etiquette and it is very important not to develop bad habits that violate these two principles.

Bad Habit #1: I’ll get to it later

Respond to your emails promptly! It is easy to put an email aside with the well-intentioned plan to get to it later, but more often than not, emails get lost in the flurry of our inbox. Instead, take a few minutes to read and respond – even if the response is that you will response more fully later.

 Bad Habit #2: Monosyllabic and on-the-go responses

It is very easy to be misunderstood via text and email. For example, CAPS LOCK may have been intended to highlight a specific term or connote excitement, but it may read as aggressive. Similarly, your quick, on-the-go, few word answers may simply be a product of convenience – but they may read as terse, dismissive, and uninterested.