It is unsurprising that Ekaterina Walter, the social media innovator at Intel, speaker, author of ‘Think Like Zuck, and blogger for the Huffington Post, would have something to say about women leaders in the workplace. In her latest article, she corrals a group of her peers to discuss exactly what it takes to make it in this glass-ceiling and sticky floors business world.

What is surprising, is that the list of “Top 7 Qualities of Women Leaders” does not seem overtly “womanly,” “feminine,” or unexpected. Making the following list an excellent postmark for any individual seeking to exhibit greater leadership qualities:

1. Perseverance
2. A Nurturing Spirit
3. Confidence
4. Giving Back
5. Education
6. Balance and Understanding Your Own Needs
7. Vision

Leaders and leadership qualities should transcend the gender divide. Much like any other pre-requisites for a potential position, such qualifiers are gender neutral.

Any optimistic and employable individual (omitting the gender identification) who is looking for a managerial, directorial, or executive placement would and should attempt to emulate as many of the above characteristics as possible. Leaders are identified by their accomplishments, charisma, and strengths; not by their sex. You would be hard-pressed to hear anyone say “Obama is a great president” – followed by – “for a man.” Or similarly, “Margaret Thatches espouses uniquely feminine leadership characteristics.”

Undoubtedly, women face unique choices, challenges, and concerns throughout their career paths. Nonetheless, the definition of an outstanding candidate does not necessarily reflect these differences. Exhibiting and evidencing perseverance, teamwork, confidence, generosity, academic credentials, life balance, and vision will ensure you find your perfect fit as a leader in any work environment.

Define and identify yourself as a leader – period (omitting the gender identification.)