The decision [to change jobs] will also hinge on your comfort level with risk, how safe your current role is and whether the opportunity before you is with a mature or fledgling company.

“People always think if they move to another company it will be better but that’s not always the case,” says Carrie Heller, president of Heller Group, a Toronto-based legal recruitment firm. “Will you meet the expectations of your new employer? Will it be as collegial and challenging? The unknown is the risk but sometimes you have to take the risk if you’re going to experience growth in your career.”

Just as importantly, this decision shouldn’t be made in a vacuum. Heller recommends calling recruiters for insight on various options that would match your expertise and salary expectations. Contacting colleagues and people at other companies is another excellent way of researching the market. And don’t forget to check the office job postings board.

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