Toronto recruiter Sherri Pinsler, of The Heller Group, says she is seeing women at low- and high-level positions in-house and with the mandates she works on “the pay is the pay is the pay” and compensation doesn’t differ based on gender.

That said, it could become an issue if someone is already in-house and as Foy notes, how someone negotiates when they come into a company can influence what salary level they are at, and long-term it can become difficult to catch up and lead to a pay equity issue.

“I would say, in fact, we’ve had a lot of mandates where we’re noticing companies across a variety of industries saying to us ‘make sure you present a diverse slate of candidates.’ I find people are actually looking to correct imbalances,” says Pinsler.

Sometimes, pay differences can also occur if the person started in-house and progressed up, compared to someone who came from private practice and were brought into the company at a higher rate for similar work.

“All that said, I did hear anecdotally a very senior in-house lawyer say she heard other people in her company who were men were at a higher pay level, so I would say it’s out there, but we are noticing companies being very cognizant of promoting women and the pay scale is the pay scale,” says Pinsler.

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