Interviewing 101: More of the Most Common Errors Applicants Make During Interviews

Interviews are stressful. With that stress, one may be more inclined to make a faux pas or flub; these types of slips are incredibly different to come back from. Instead of instituting a recovery plan, it is much more proactive to simply avoid such foot-in-mouth moments all together. This week in Interviewing 101, we will continue to speak about the most common errors made during interviews – and why you should absolutely avoid them.

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Interviewing 101: The Most Common Errors Applicants Make During Interviews

Last week, we explored Resume Writing 101, specifically the common mistakes applicants make when building a curriculum vitae. This week, on a similar note, we will explore the most common interview faux pas. In today’s session on Interviewing 101, we will painfully analyze those absolutely preventable moments when you royally stick your foot in your mouth.

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