Balancing Act: Managing Your Job Search

Do you ever find yourself running out of time to check for job postings at the end of a long day? Or promising to send your resume to a recruiter only to realize you are still working on it two weeks later? You are not alone! Read on for our advice on how to effectively balance an active job search while also managing a busy legal practice.

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There is Life After Hireback

The most repeated piece of advice during the session was to stay in touch with your network and leverage those connections as much as possible by letting them know what type of position you are looking for and where you have applied.

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Closing the Deal: From Interview to Job Offer

It is a mistake to think that once you are through the interview, the process is now out of your hands and you should sit back and wait for a hiring decision to be made. As a wrap-up to this blog series, here are our tips for closing the deal.

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